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Keeping your clean energy clean


SolarClear® uses a unique delivery manifold to ensure the entire panel surface is cleaned. Where panels abut vertically, a flowover passes wash-water from upper to lower rows.


Once installed, the only cost for SolarClear®  is the cost of water. Click here to see the payback over 10 years.

Safe for the panels

SolarClear® uses no brushes, sponges or squeegees, so won't damage the surface. It uses low pressure, so won't damage the electrics. It places no extra load on the array framing.

Water efficient

SolarClear® uses only around 3L/panel.


SolarClear® is recommended to operate weekly for at least 1 minutes, to keep losses to < 5% of peak performance.


With the WiFi controller, SolarClear® is set and forget. Even as a manual system, you don't need to climb up on the roof, or arrange a contractor.

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