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There are cleaning options for utility-scale solar farms, but for smaller installations – especially rooftop installations – there are few alternatives to labour-intensive and expensive manual cleaning. SolarClear® is the clear choice for this market, and with most installations worldwide falling into this class, the market is enormous.

Moreover, the underlying technology behind SolarClear® has significant potential in other markets, especially solar street light cleaning, high-rise window cleaning and residential bushfire protection. The extent of these markets is currently unexplored, so is additional to the already substantial returns offered from solar panel cleaning. 

SolarClear® is a manufactured product, not a website or an app. We’d love to bring SolarClear® to the market, and for this we need to set-up the manufacturing and the marketing, including tooling. We're market ready, with final product designs finished, a successful field study done, manufacturing and supply arrangements in hand, and marketing channels in train.

So we’re seeking equity investors who want to be a part of this opportunity. If you’d like to be part of this exciting project, please use the contact form below. If you know someone else that you think would be interested, please let them know.

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