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SolarClear® Installation

How is SolarClear® installed?

The on-panel components - the parts that do the cleaning - clip to the aluminium extrusion on the solar panels.

The SolarClear® control valve is fixed to the end of the solar panel support frame. Its water supply can come from a nearby solar hot water system, or from a separate supply.  

Can I install the system myself?

Where connecting SolarClear® directly to mains water, Australian law requires a licensed plumber. In general, we strongly recommend using qualified trades people who have the skills and resources to safely work in the area, and to ensure electrical and plumbing safety.

Can SolarClear® work with my solar configuration?

There is almost no configuration of panels to which SolarClear® cannot be fitted. It doesn't matter if some panels are on one side of the roof and others are on the other. Your installer will be able to work out the best way to ensure all your panels are cleaned.

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