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SolarClear® is sold as kits of components, and the specific components required for two systems of identical nominal capacity but different layout may vary significantly. so the following prices are examples only. Also, because control options are very much dependent on location, configuration and customer preference, controller costs are not included.

Installation costs are also not included: if SolarClear® is installed with the panels, the additional costs are small. If retrofitted, the costs will be highly dependent on your configuration and the contractor's charges.


3.5kW (14 x 250W) household rooftop


5.5kW (22 x 250W) household rooftop)


8.25kW (32 x 250W) household rooftop


12kW (32 x 250w) large household or small farmshed rooftop installation


19.5kW (78 x 250W) farmshed rooftop


64kW (250 x 250W) farmshed, warehouse or factory rooftop


196kW (600 x 325W) large warehouse or factory rooftop


1,238kW (large factory or shopping centre rooftop

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