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Keeping your clean energy clean


SolarClear® uses a unique delivery system to ensure the entire panel surface is cleaned. A small amount of flow agent is added to the automatic model for increased water efficiency.


Once installed, SolarClear® costs around $0.25/clean for the automated model, and only the cost of water for other models. Click here to see the payback over 10 years.

Safe for you - and the panels

With SolarClear®, there is no risk. All maintenance is done at ground level. SolarClear® involves no brushes, sponges or squeegees. There is nothing to damage your installation.

Water efficient

SolarClear® uses only around 3L/panel, less than 1% of an average household's water use – around the same as a single load in a front-loading washing machine.


SolarClear® is recommended to operate weekly for at least 3 minutes, to keep losses to < 5% of peak performance. Click here to find out how the different models achieve this.


SolarClear® A (Automatic model) is set and forget. Even the manual and push-button models mean you don't need to climb up on the roof, or arrange to get someone in.

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