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SolarClear® Installation

How is SolarClear® installed?

The on-panel components - the parts that do the cleaning - clip to the top edge of the solar panels.

SolarClear® A and B controllers are installed in a protected area (i.e.not exposed to the weather) with ready access to the water supply and electrical power: e.g., in the garage or laundry. They consist of plastic enclosures that are fixed to the wall, and are connected to power by an external power supply.

In the case of SolarClear® A, a small hose runs to the container of SolarClear® WA solution, which can be placed on the floor, on a shelf, or in the optional wire rack. The controller is plumbed into the building's mains water lines: regulations in Australia require that this be done by a licensed plumber.

In the case of SolarClear® B, the controller is connected to a standard house tap.

In the case of SolarClear® C, the control mechanism is connected to a standard house tap, and can be located outdoors.

The two subsystems are connected through a water pipe from the controller to the on-panel components. Any roof penetration should be carefully sealed; this can best be done by a licensed plumber or suitably qualified solar installer. 

What other costs are associated with installing the system?

Our pricing excludes the installation cost, due to the numerous variables associated: the number of panels;

  • the panel configuration (number of rows, number of panels per row, landscape/portrait orientation, etc.)
  • the type of dwelling (multi story; split level, etc.),
  • distance to water and power sources (some solar panel systems are not on house roofs),
  • installer hourly rates,
  • etc..

Can I install the system myself?

Where connecting SolarClear® to household water, Australian law requires a licensed plumber. In general, we strongly recommend using qualified trades people who have the skills and resources to safely work in the area (e.g., on the roof), and to ensure electrical and plumbing safety.

What maintenance requirements are there?

The SolarClear® A controller includes a small pump, used to dose the SolarClear® WA solution into the water. This contains a small rubber hose that will need to be replaced periodically. A replacement hose is supplied with the replacement 5L bottles of SolarClear® WA Solution.

SolarClear® B and C are maintenance free.

Can SolarClear® work with my solar configuration?

There is no configuration of panels that would be too difficult to apply the water delivery device onto. It doesn't matter if some panels are on one side of the roof and others are on the other. Your installer will be able to work out the best way to ensure all your panels are cleaned.

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