How SolarClear® Works

The water delivery system applies water directly and evenly onto the panel, without wastage. The even distribution ensures that cleaning is uniform across the panel area, and no excess water is used in the cleaning.

SolarClear® A (Automatic) uses a computerised controller, which controls the timing and duration of the cleaning cycle and preconditions the water: manages pressure, prevents grit, and adds a small amount of surfactant to speed wetting of the panel (and hence reduce water consumption). At the times scheduled, the controller starts the water flow to the rooftop installation. 

SolarClear® B (push-button) has a simpler electronic controller; pressing the start button initiates a cycle that shuts off automatically after 4 minutes.

SolarClear® C (Manual) replaces the controller with a simple mechanical control assembly; the valve is opened manually.

Minutes later, your panels are sparking, clean - brought back to maximum output capacity.

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